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Latest Siren Head Game Update

Latest Siren Head Game Update

Siren Head v1.8 released on October 8th, 2018

The first major update for Siren Head is here! This update was designed to address the issues raised in feedback, and include some quality of life changes that we think players will enjoy.

  • Siren Head is now even more immersive, with improved visuals and sound effects;
  • Improved performance;
  • Improved battery life;
  • Improved game stability;
  • Improved accuracy of controls when using a controller;
  • Fixed issues with win/loss notification;
  • Fixed issue with controller input;
  • Fixed issue with players using the wrong color;
  • Fixed issue with energy bars;
  • Fixed issue with crashing when exiting the game;

The latest update to Siren Head has expanded the fishing area, with six new fishing rods and 30 new fish types. Players can now use different water for different rod types, and the rod lures and baits will change depending on the water type. Fishing rod hooks also come in different varieties.

  • Added new fishing system
  • Added new fishing achievements

There is now a fishing system with a new fishing rod, achievements for fishing and more.

Fixed some fishing bugs

Some bugs have been fixed: fish will now die when they are reeled in, and they can't be reeled in while the player is in mid-air.

06 Apr 2021